Favourite screencaps
↳ Rurouni Kenshin

GOD so hard to pick favourites, the whole movie is a piece of art *w*

I miss the old Den-o days with Takeru and Yuriko T_T love them so much ><

Kamen Rider Den-o / Episode 06

OMG hana is the best XD

Yes my favourite Toku is Den-o and this OTP is hilarious

Okay and now my all-time favourite/no.1 boys *w*  i don’t think this world has a good word to express how much i love them, but really!! I love Takeru since i saw him in a magazine in 2006 and watched Den-o in 2007 and after Koizora my love was 1000% for Harumacchi (i’ve started my MH community) as well as Takeru. And when i found out they’re BFF *O*

Bloody Monday / Episode 04