(Hanako meets his brother for the first time after 7 years prison)

Hanako: Parents are healthy?
Nao:  Mother is healthy, but Father is dead. Three years ago because of cerebral infarction. After your incident, Father had to lover his head before company management to protect Komoriya shop. Even though he was president. He said that he don’t want to reveal informations about you.
Even doctor said it. That stress caused cerebral infarction.
I don’t come here to talk about Father. To tell the truth, I’m getting married soon.
Hanako: I see. Congratulations.
Nao: And I told my companion that I don’t have any siblings.
H:  I see.  That’s right.
N: I would like you to acknowledge one thing, Nee-san. This is declaration to the court to legally remove you as heiress presumptive. If court will validate this then you’ll lose your rights to inheritance Komoriya family property.
This is notification to separate from family registration.
H: Separation from family registration?
N: I would like you to out form Komoriya family registration. This require your signature and seal. I prepared seal.
H: Wait a bit. I know that I have done something unforgivable. And of course I don’t want any property. But if I’ll be out from family registration then it will look like I lost family and everything else.
N:  It’s not like you’re cutting your family relationship. It’s just appearance of family registration. If other part will check it then it might be very troublesome for us.
H: Mother knows about it?
N:  Of course she is approving this.
H: Can you let me thought a bit about it? When you tell me to do it so suddenl-
N: Nee-san… Do you really understand what have you done? Because of you Father died. Because you’re our family we have get through such terrible things. Getting out from family registration is small price.
H: But…
N:  I beg you. At least, don’t dispose my happiness.
H: You’re right. I’m sorry. I want you to be happy.

Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de [episode 01]

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