MOZU - episode 02 - 

My bae Hayato casted in another Takashi Miike movie, yaaash. I’m happier about the got casted part than the director tho…

I miss him dearly and want him to make more dramas but movies a good too. Just come back bae!!!

I’m not too sure about the yakuza-vampire thing but wahatever…


Hands down the most realistic scene of Gap Dong so far. Look, it’s your best friend the smartphone, especially useful when you’re chasing a serial killer. XD

Hotel King - episode 04 -

fbs01: "I read hotel king has 50 ep"

Every pages I visit says it has 32 episodes. 

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Title: Unknown지구가 태양을 네 번
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Album: UnknownNewton's Apple
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Anonymous: "You're posting so many things, I can't even like and reblog them properly ><"

I know I’m sorry but I wanna make a looot of edits and gifs and edits and gifs and more gifs but it’s a mess and I’m confused as well. XD I’m interested in way too many dramas and they’re airing at almost the same time, not that I’m complaining I’m one happy girl. Anyway, I’ll try to get myself together and post normally, hang on!

and thanks for liking my stuff *online bear hugs*

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Hotel King - episode 03 -

Gap Dong - episode 02 -